10 things visiting thailand - 10 Things You Must Do In Thailand

For many, visiting Thailand is a no-brainer if you’re going to travel the world. Be prepared to experience many awesome activities – there really is something for everyone here, and many of them are necessary for your bucket list! From the sandy beaches of the islands, to the culture and history of ancient cities, to the madness of Bangkok, tothe colorful Buddhist temples, to the wild and mountainous north, a trip through Thailand can have a ton of variety. Below is our list of 10 things you must do when visiting Thailand.

1. Visit the Bangkok Temples

These iconic and historic temples could take up an entire day, and they should because they are gorgeous. The most popular temple in Bangkok is the Wat Phra Kaew or Temple of Emerald Buddha. Other popular destinations are Wat Pho, Wat Arun, The Grand Palace.

2. Visit the floating market of Dumnoen Saduak

This floating market is honestly super touristy now, but still a cool outing to do if you have time.  A bus will take you there in the morning and you’ll get to float down the river in a little boat to the different side shops. You can pay a little extra to go on the boat tour to see the water canals outside of the market. You can also find some authentic food stalls still and ladies selling mango sticky rice on the sides of the water banks.

3. Stroll down Khao San road 

This street is where the grungy backpackers go out.  So, if you’re not into the hardcore party scene you might want to avoid this. However, it is a blast if you really embrace the culture of the street. It’s filled with 100/200 baht buckets of alcohol and scorpions on sticks – you’re bound to come away with a wild story.

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4. Take a Flight of the Gibbon

Situated in Chiang Mai, this is the longest zip-line tour in Asia, soaring through the rainforest canopy 1300 meters above sea level. Follow the branch-to-branch route a gibbon might take down the mountain – it’s a great way to explore the region in a more hands-on and adventurous way.

5. Visit an amazing National Park

This is Thailand’s third largest and one of the most visited national parks, which also happens to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The park amazingly spans four provinces – Saraburi, Nakon Nayok, Nakhon Ratchasima and Prachinburi. The highest part of the park, located at Khao Rom, is about 1300meters above sealevel. Enjoy viewing the amazing waterfalls, mountains and valleys, situated just three hours from Bangkok.

6. Go diving with sharks

Bangkok’s Siam Ocean World is a beautiful and modern aquarium where you’ll be able to see penguins and sharks. Don’t leave before diving with the sharks, though. This is an amazing experience to have during your stay in Thailand and it comes at a reasonable price, too. You get the chance to be up close and personal with various sharks, such as Tiger Sharks and Leopard sharks, and make your trip something you’ll never forget.

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7. Go island hopping

The South eastern province in Thailand, Trat, is known for its lovely sand and shore. Visit Mu Ko Chang National Park that is a marine area. Here you’ll get to visit 52 islands of various sizes to enrich your trip with spectacular sunset photos.

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8. Canoe through Pha Nga Bay

Explore Phang Nga Bay by navigating its every spot with local guides who will enable you to explore the amazing limestone cliffs, bewildering azure waters and secret hongs (lagoons surrounded by towering cliffs). Enjoy panoramic views from the boat and even enjoy some swimming.

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9. Relax and meditate

If you’re looking to add a bit of restfulness and spirituality to your vacation, try some meditation. You can find many temples and meditation centers all over Thailand that offer vipassana or insight meditation. This is a great way to dig deeper into your soul while scoring a bit of relaxation after a surreal day of floating markets and shark diving.

10. Visit the ancient ruins of

Located about 50 kilometers from Thailand’s bustling capital, Bangkok, lies Ayutthaya, once considered the world’s most impressive city. The ruins of the ancient site have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and can be marveled at in their full glory.

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