how to experience rome - 9 Things For Your First Time In Rome

Rome is full to the brim of secret sights and surprises and we made it our mission to find the best of its hidden gems! Here’s our guide to 9 of the best and beautiful attractions in Rome!

1. Visit the Colliseum

This should be a no-brainer. If you’re traveling to Rome, then this is an absolute must-see. Yes, it will be touristy and probably crowded but for a good reason. It is one of the most famous architectural sights in the world with an amazingly rich cultural history behind it. Take an afternoon to soak it all in.

2. Visit the Trevi Fountain

The Trevi Fountain, or Fontana di Trevi as it is called in Italian, is probably the most famous fountain in the world. Standing right in the very heart of Rome, it is always packed with tourists. Despite those masses, it is still one of the most beautiful spots in Rome (especially at night).

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3. Explore the Vatican

A major highlight here would be enjoying the fantastic view from atop St. Peter. Tickets are 5 Euros and will give you permission to climb the 550 stairs. The space at the very top of the dome is very limited, but as long as you are not very claustrophobic it is well worth the time. The best time to visit for taking photographs is in the late evening when the sun stands directly behind the dome.

4. Castello de Angelo

Not far from the Vatican, but equally as enchanting, lies the Castello Del Angelo. Named for the angels standing on its roof, it has once been the mausoleum of the ancient Roman Emperor Hadrian. There is quite a lovely museum inside, but above, all it gives you the unique chance to look on St. Peters Basilica from above.

5. Relax in the Garden of Oranges

Rome is a city of many hills. So in the evening, it pays off to climb one of these to enjoy a beautiful sunset. The Garden of the Oranges (Giardino degli Aranci) is my favorite spot to do so. You’ll have a wonderful view over the inner city and the garden itself is quite charming as well. Bring yourself some drinks and street food, and you’ll experience the perfect moment.

6. Eat at the Campo de’ Fioro market

Are you looking for some authentic roman food market? Then absolutely go visit the Campo de’ Fioro. It might be a tack touristy, but hey…in a city with so many millions of tourists each year, this is to be expected. Sample some cheese and some fresh fruits, or just look at the many stalls.

7. Enjoy a performance at the Villa Medici

Home of the French Academy in Rome, the villa has a fantastic location near the Spanish Steps, overlooking the whole city. Built in 1540, it was bought by Ferdinando dei Medici in 1576 and then by Napoleon in 1801. The best French artists, composers and sculptors came here to study, including Boucher, Fragonard, Berlioz, Debussy and the architect of the French opera house, Charles Garnier. These days there are up to 19 French-speaking artists and musicians in residence, and the villa hosts regular exhibitions and performances.

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8. Stroll through Trastevere

Take time to explore the narrow lanes and cobbled streets, and to enjoy the restaurants and lively nightlife. Once a working class neighbourhood, today it’s a popular area for tourists and locals alike. Many people congregate in the Piazza Santa Maria, the heart of the area, to listen to the street performers at night.

9. Indulge in authentic Italian gelato

Take a quick break from sightseeing and enjoy a delicious afternoon treat — the Italian gelato. From fruity to chocolatey, this mouth-watering snack is sure to satisfy your palette. It’s definitely one of the must-try food in Europe!

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