10 unique airbnb rentals 3 - 10 Unique AirBnB Rentals To Escape To
10 unique airbnb rentals 2 - 10 Unique AirBnB Rentals To Escape To
10 most unique airbnb rentals - 10 Unique AirBnB Rentals To Escape To

Sometimes, you just need to get away. Luckily services like AirBnB make this easy, and allows you to book some very unique homes is very cool locations. From a snowy mountain cabin to a remote beach-side cabana, there is something for everyone regardless of what kind of adventure you’re looking for. We’ve done the hard part and found the 10 most unique AirBnB listings, along with some of the important facts about them for you. Check out the list below!

1. The Atlanta Treehouse

Where: Atlanta, GA
Sleeps: 2
Price: $200/night

Earlier this year, Airbnb named the Atlanta Treehouse as the Most Wished-For Listing in the world – and for good reason. The dreamy treetop home is favorite destination for weddings, honeymoons and photo shoots (including Free People!). Three small rooms are adjoined by a rope bridge draped in white lights to create the perfect fairy tale vibe for any romantic getaway. The secluded treehouse is just a 15 minute drive into downtown Atlanta, offering guests the best of both worlds during their stay

2. Hideout Bali

Where: Salat, Bali, Inonesia
Sleeps: 4
Price: $115/night

Located in the mountains of Bali, Indonesia, the bamboo home offers a truly “off the grid” stay for guests looking to escape the rigors of everyday life and get back to nature. The land around the house is home to rice fields, rivers and wildlife (including a live-in stray kitten), and guests can take advantage of local rafting, diving and hiking in the nearby towns.

3. Dome in the Desert

Where: Joshua Tree, California
Sleeps: 4
Price: $250/night

The Dome provides guests unparalleled views of the night sky and a cozy home to relax in with acres of private land surrounding it. In addition to the serenity of the location, guests of the Airbnb are treated to fresh juice from a local juicer while they enjoy the home’s natural wood burning fireplace.

4. A-Frame in Flagstaff

Where: Flagstaff, AZ
Sleeps: 4
Price: $99/night

A-Frame Flagstaff is on a 1.5 acre in Coconino National Forest and only 90 minutes from the Grand Canyon. At 755 square feet, this rustic cabin is a cozy getaway in a peaceful rural area. You can bring your pets and take advantage of their mountain bikes for some great outdoor fun. And if it looks a little familiar, that’s because American Eagle shot their winter catalog here.

5. Tye Haus A-Frame

Where: Skykomish, WA
Sleeps: 5
Price: $220/night

Located within driving distance of Seattle, this tiny A-frame cabin is decorated with a string of large-bulb lights and surrounded by tall trees near the Skykomish River. You’d probably never want to leave, but if you did, you’d be super close to the popular Stevens Pass ski area.

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6. The Cliff House

Where: Mollymook, NSW, Australia
Sleeps: 6
Price: $250/night

A quintessential beach house with a twist—this Australian stunner’s views make it seem like it’s built directly over the water. If you’re lucky, you might even spot a whale or dolphin.

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7. The Little Owl Cabin

Where: Packwood, WA
Sleeps: 5
Price: $179/night

Little Owl is your Pacific Northwest cabin fantasy. 20 minutes from Mt. Rainier National Park, White Pass Ski Area, and some of the most breathtaking hiking trails on the West Coast. This dog-friendly cabin is perfect for a mountain getaway with friends.

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8. Half-Moon Cabin

Where: Gasquet, WA
Sleeps: 2
Price: $68/night

This Northern California nugget is tucked deep in the Six Rivers National Forest and part of its own sustainable village — offering everything from a shared outdoor kitchen, bath-house and sauna, to even compostable toilets. This is where you go to ditch the wifi (because there isn’t any) and find solace in the silence, broken only by the morning chickens, goats, frogs and dogs that also live on the property.

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9. The Glass Cabin

Where: Hillsdale, NY
Sleeps: 4
Price: $300/night

Supremely situated in the Hudson Valley and impeccably furnished with natural, vintage and mid-century mod decor, this two-bedroom cabin was intentionally designed to “get as close to nature as possible.” With architecture that seamlessly blends deck to forest floor and roof line to tree limb, it more than succeeds.

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10. Bellagrazo Cabin

Where: Bellegra, Italy
Sleeps: 8
Price: $159/night

Organic olive oil and produce is grown right on this cabin’s property—it’s an all-natural foodie’s dream. The property’s owned by a Buddhist gardener and beekeeper, who’s around to offer up ways to stay grounded while far from home.

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