THE ULTIMATE FOOD GUIDE TO Florence italy - The Ultimate Food Guide For Florence, Italy

Florence, the foodie capital of Tuscany is a place where everybody will find something for themselves. Travellers who want to have a quick and inexpensive bite will find something, as well as the most demanding gourmands. Depending on how much do you want to spend on food and since the list of osterias, enotecas and cafes is almost limitless we’ve come up with a quick food guide to Florence. Where to go for a quick and inexpensive bite, where to have the most delicious and most good looking ice-cream, where to have an actually affordable coffee and so on. Keep reading for our ultimate food guide for visiting Florence.

1. San Lorenzo Market

Piazza di San Lorenzo, 9

Here on this indoor market you will find everything – from Florentine tagliata, delicious pasta, biggest truffle we ever saw, pizza, wine, and so on. The prices are similar as if you went to the restaurant but here you have a wide selection of anything you might want under one roof. There is also an outdoor market selling clothing, leather goods, souvenirs, etc.

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2. Amorino

Via del Corso 44/46r

If you want the most good looking ice-cream head over to Amorino, as it’s not only really pretty, but also really delicious! What is more they offer also lactose-free ice-creams and they can make you a rose shaped ice-cream up to 5 different flavours! On top of that you can also have a macaroon on you ice-cream.

3. Gusta Pizza

Via Maggio 46R

Not only does the pizza taste amazing, but you get to see it made from scratch right in front of your eyes. The range of flavours to choose from is limited but the prices are so so cheap. Even better, the staff often get creative and make heart shaped pizzas for their most loyal customers. Just make sure you get there before the lunch time rush to avoid lining up out the door.

4. Trattoria La Cassalinga Amorino

Via De’ Michelozzi 9r

The menu offers a large range of choices featuring some of the finest traditional Italian dishes and desserts. The serving sizes are quite large but don’t worry, you’ll still be able to save room for Panna Cotta afterwards. The menu is written entirely in Italian so be prepared to translate. However, the staff are lovely and more than willing to explain each dish on the menu. The delicious food makes the resturant extremely popular so reserving a table in advance is highly recommended.

5. Amorino Gelatoria

Via del Corso 44/46r

Not only does Amorino Gelatoria produce amazing quality ice cream, but the range of flavors is never ending. The store even has a featured flavor that changes each season. Even better, Amorino creates gelato flowers that not only look great for your Instagram page but taste amazing too.

6. Amble

Piazzetta del Bene 7A

Amble makes it into the list for both food and drinks! This place is hard to stay away from, especially for evening cocktails. From a quiet cafe by day Amble transforms into a hip cocktail bar by night. It is particularly known for its Aperol Spritz (and trust me they are delicious) but serves just about anything you want!

7. I’ Banco dì Duomo

Piazza delle Pallottole, 1

This smoothie stand is right next to the Florence Cathedral so it’s perfect to head there for a quick fruit fix after climbing 500 stairs up to the dome. They offer inexpensive smoothies, fruit cups and some other goodies.

8. Rivoire

Piazza della Signoria, 5

Rivoire, a chocolate shop with long tradition is located on the Piazza della Signoria and is known to be making chocolate since 1872. The prime location of the cafe and the tradition make it more upscale and expensive, but if you are looking for a place to enjoy some coffee and delicious treats with gorgeous view this is the place.

9. La Milkeria

Borgo degli Albizi, 87

If you don’t want to spend fortune only on coffee in Florence, then head to the Milkeria where they not only offer cheap coffee, but also sweets like pancakes, waffles and some other snacks. For the comparison – latte here is only 1,5€ whereas anywhere else in Florence you would pay around 4€ or more. Charming rustic chic interior makes this place perfect for a morning breakfast or  afternoon pancake cravings.

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