14 COZY CABINS - 14 Cozy Cabin Photos

With winter comes shorter days, longer nights, and the perfect excuse to cozy up to the fire. Nothing sets the mood better for an escape from the cold than a mountain cabin tucked away in the heart of a forest. But if you’re stuck in the hustle and bustle of the city and can’t get to the mountains, allow this collection of 16 cozy cabin getaways to be your inspiration to take a trip out into nature.

1. Tucked away in Hollyburn Ridge, BC

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From: CabinPorn

2. This small but cozy 2-story

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3. A large A-Frame with a deck to match

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From: Domino

4. Lakeside in Cookeville, TN

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From: VRBO

5. Surrounded by a garden

6. A custom, modern log home

7. A moss-covered cottage hideaway

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From: 9gag

8. A classic California A-Frame

9. A very modern Swiss cabin

10. On the Isle of Skye, Scotland

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From: Haarkon

11. A colorful cabin in Iceland

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12. A modern cabin located in Washington

13. A Slovakian mountain hut

88459326a05d622eb0e1977980964277 - 14 Cozy Cabin Photos
From: homedsgn

14. Under the stars in Joshua Tree

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From: ignant

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