9 things to do in tulum mexico - 9 Things You Must Do In Tulum, Mexico

On the southern end of Mexico’s sun-kissed Riviera Maya lies the magical little beach town of Tulum. A far cry from the hustling bustling mayhem of its neighbour Cancun, Tulum offers the weary traveller a place to bring down the revs and absorb the life of Mexico on the Caribbean. It has everything to love – a beautiful beach, ancient ruins, great restaurants, and cheap beer. What more could you ask for from a vacation spot? That’s why we put together this list of 9 things you must do when visiting Tulum, Mexico.

1. Bike Tulum’s Beach Road

Sure you can grab a taxi to get around beach road, but it’s easier (and way more fun) to rent a bike. Your fellow cyclists will be everyone from aging hippies with waist-long ponytails to fresh-faced fashionistas in flowing beach dresses. Bike all the way to Tulum’s ruins, or head to Tulum’s pueblo (downtown) for a slice of local life.

2. See the sea turtles at Akumal

Akumal is a short taxi or bus ride from Tulum, and once you’re there you will be rewarded with an amazing experience. Besides having a beautiful beach, Akumal is famous for all of the sea turtles that can often be found swimming right near the beach! Snorkling tours can be arranged for around $25.

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3. Do the Tulum taco crawl

There is no better way to experience the cuisine of Tulum than to hit the streets and try the authentic and amazing tacos littering the streets. We don’t have a specific recommendation here, because pretty much everywhere you go will have world class tacos and flavors. Try to hit a few and grab all sorts of different flavor combinations as you walk around Tulum.

4. Explore some Mayan ruins

This extremely important cultural site is very easy to get to from Tulum. For only about $4 a tour, you can visit some of the most beautiful natural ruins that have been amazingly preserved.

5. Visit the cenotes

Pronounced like se-no-tays, cenotes are geographical formations that are scattered all over the Yucatan Peninsula. There are tons around Tulum. Most people head to the Gran Cenote, which you’ll spot as you head towards Xachil-ha (they’re on the same road).

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6. Grab a coffee at Ki’Bok Coffee

This place is not a secret. Alas, nothing in Tulum really is. But the coffee is excellent and the courtyard is lovely. They even have a couple of guest rooms if you want to stay in town. There are a lot of little touristy shops along the main drag in town surrounding Ki’bok.

7. Enjoy the pristine beaches

The beaches in Tulum are world class. Clean, clear water and perfect sunny skies make for an amazing day just spent relaxing here and enjoying the views and the waves. There are a few different resorts and bars along the beach. If you want to sit in any of their chairs simply buy a drink or some food and you won’t be bothered for the rest of the day.

8. Enjoy the tropical cocktails of Tulum

There are so many welcoming places to stop for a cocktail along beach road. Many of the beach-side hotels will have delicious cocktails that come with all sorts of locally sourced fruit. Be sure to grab one (or a few) while you lounge.

9. Shop for local souvenirs

The streets of Tulum are packed with fun little local shops and boutiques. It’s definitely worth popping your head into a few and perusing the interesting local arts and crafts for sale here. Much of them are hand-crafted and reflects the region’s diverse and deep culture.

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