13 best instagram spots la - 13 Unique Instagram Spots In LA

Using Instagram as a way to pre-plan your vacation destinations can be awesome. It lets you see a city from a local’s point of view and find weird, quirky and off-the-beaten-path points of interest that you wouldn’t normally come across. In LA, there is no shortage of unique spots that can be hard to find. Some of these are super obvious – the famous Hollywood Sign or the Griffith Observatory come to mind. But we’ve compiled a list of some of the more unique and interesting spots to snap an Instagram shot during your travels to LA. Below is our list of the 13 most Instagrammable spots in LA.

1. Winston Street – Downtown

This short block in the Toy District of downtown L.A. is covered with more than a dozen interesting murals created by local artists. Over the years, it’s turned into L.A.’s unofficial outdoor gallery.

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2. Petit Ermitage – West Hollywood

The rooftop garden and pool of this stylish boutique hotel is L.A.’s best kept secret: Hummingbirds and butterflies flock to the exotic flowers, and the loungers by the pool offers the best sunset views in town.

3. Museum of Ice Cream – Downtown

It doesn’t get any better than this Instagram-perfect playground, with life-sized dessert props and backgrounds designed for social media bragging. From millennial pink walls to a sprinkles pool, this venue is a must for shutterbugs.

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4. The Beverly Hills Hotel – Beverly Hills

Favored by celebs and influencers alike, this hotel offers two of the best things about L.A.: Towering palm trees and a view of Sunset Boulevard. The highly-Instagrammable interiors of the hotel has inspired a decorating movement of its own, and you have the hotel to thank for the ubiquity of brass furnishings, tropical prints, and flamingo accents.

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5. Bar Marmont – West Hollywood

With its many iconic celebrity sightings, Chateau Marmont has a special place in pop culture history. The hotel’s eponymous bar does not disappoint with its fairytale-like decor.

6. Carrera Cafe Wall – West Hollywood

The cafe’s popular kiss-covered “HELLO” wall is now a star-spangled homage to La La Land — and L.A. itself, of course.

7. Commissary at The Line Hotel – Koreatown

There’s a reason why every photographer in L.A. is obsessed with this brunch spot in the middle of Koreatown. All of the natural light makes it so much easier to create Instagram gold — and the breakfast sandwiches are pretty damn good, too.

8. Paul Smith Pink Wall – Melrose

This iconic pink building on Melrose pops like no other. Situated on Melrose, it’s a great spot to shoot especially as you get the golden-hour light falling on it right around sunset.

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9. Acne Studios – Downtown

The Acne Studios store in the Eastern Columbia Building is a boutique shop with a very industrial edge to it. Lots of metal and concrete give off tough angles and make for a very unique interior design aesthetic.

10. Made In LA Wall – Melrose

This iconic Melrose wall offers another great background for your Instagram shots. This one is only a few blocks away from the Paul Smith Pink Wall as well.

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11. The Piet Mondrian Wall – Picfair Village

Found right on La Cienaga boulevard, this wall is a recreation of Piet Mondrian’s famous tiled painting. It is one that pops with tons of color and bold lines.

12. Bicicleta Sem Freio Mural – Skid Row

A new creation from the Brazilian art group Bicicleta Sem Freio. This gigantic mural covers an entire building and sports tons of flashy color and beautiful artwork. Try to capture it from all angles to really show it off.

13. The Last Bookstore – Toy District

Known for it’s iconic “book tunnel” inside, this quirky bookstore has tons of amazing designs created from and around the books and bookshelves themselves. This is one of the most fun places to shoot at as there are so many possibilities for mind-bending angles and ideas.

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