planning perfect switzerland trip - Planning The Perfect Trip To Switzerland

Switzerland may conjure up images of fine chocolates, snowy alps and expensive watches, but there is so much more that this country has to offer to those who visit. While you can definitely enjoy the more touristy side of things, you should also take a few days to check out some of the more unique experiences that Switzerland can offer. Below is our top 10 things to do when planning your perfect trip to Switzerland.

1. Chateau de Chillon

A lovely scenic castle located on Lake Geneva, Chateau de Chillon looks absolutely stunning on its own (especially with the beautiful backdrop of the mountains, lake and forest) however in the sunset – sheer perfection!

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2. Explore Lake Geneva

If you chose to visit Chateau de Chillon, you should spend the rest of your time in the area exploring all of Lake Geneva. Lake Geneva is one of the largest lakes in Europe, with those stunning mountains, beautiful Swiss towns villages (and indeed, the city of Geneva) it is one of the most beautiful lakes in the country.

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3. The Matterhorn

This mountain actually lies on the border between Switzerland and Italy and at a summit of 14,692 ft, it is one of the tallest points in the Alps. If you visit in summer, you get a stunning alpine view which makes even the train journey up here an experience in an of itself. In winter, covered in snow, you get to ski (and maybe even stay in an igloo) in one beautiful places in Switzerland  –  the magnificent Matterhorn.

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4. Lavaux Vineyards

An 800-hectare wine paradise that stretches along the shores of Lake Geneva, where Chasselas crus are king and where views are to die for. Since July 2007, Lavaux is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Whether you come in by the motorway or the route along the lake, make sure to hand the wheel to the most experienced driver – these tiny routes along the wineries are sinuous, steep, and very difficult to drive with a standard European shift transmission.

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5. The Region of Lucerne

A visit to Switzerland wouldn’t be complete without a stop in Lucerne. It’s consistently one of the most visited cities in the country, and with reason: with its iconic 14th-century covered bridge and its picture-perfect lakefront, it’s hard not to fall in love with it. Lucerne is also just a short boat ride away (on yet another of Switzerland’s turquoise lakes, no less!) from Mount Rigi, which can be accessed via the first cogwheel train in Europe, with scenic but dizzying views of 26 Swiss cantons and Lake Lucerne.

6. The Charming Town of Stoos

From the charming village of Stoos you can get a feel of the true spirit of Switzerland, as well as a rather impressive aerial view of the surrounding land. When you’re in Stoos, take a ride on the chairlift –  it offers spectacular vistas back over Lake Lucerne in the distance. A great place for those that love to hike!

7. Lauterbrunnen Valley

The cliffs that form this valley stretch up over 300 meters and are met by Alpine forests that are truly breathtaking. Hiking and climbing is popular here if you want to take in the scenery even further. There are many great hiking and walking trails here for all difficulty levels.

8. Aletsch Glacier

You will catch sight of this famous glacier only at the last moment when you approach it by cable car. Until then it is hidden by verdant woodlands and Alpine forests, which only makes the big reveal more breathtaking.

9. Basel

Get ready to indulge in this town’s countless exhibits, events and galleries. Basel is a quaint, little city located in the most northern part of Switzerland bordering Germany and France. With the airport in close proximity, many skip over Basel and move onto the next bucket list destination. What they don’t know, is that they are missing out on the vibrant history at Art Basel, stunning views along the Rhine River and the elaborate architecture in Old Town.

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