The Trendiest Bars in Miami - The Best Coffee Shops In Portland

In a city that is know for its quirkiness, craft beer and tattooed locals, it only makes sense that Portland has an eclectic style of coffee shops and cafes as well. If you’r looking for any regular cup of Starbucks or hotel coffee to get your day started, a quick Google search should suffice. But if you really want to immerse yourself in the cozy, artsy and straight-up weird cafes of Portland, keep on reading to find out the best coffee shops in Portland.

1. Oui Presse

1740 SE Hawthorne Blvd.

This café is ideal for a drab afternoon when you’re in a funk and want out quick. Wide open space and playful décor make this Hollywood-set meets French corner-street café the perfect spot to get inspired. If simplistic happiness had a color, at Oui Presse it is mint green-swathed in natural light.

2. Southeast Grind

1223 SE Powell Blvd.

There’s a fireplace you can stare into as you ruminate. A couch you can take the length of to contemplate your existence. Artwork to distract you from all the sleep you aren’t getting. Veggie-friendly snacks for the late-night munchies. And the best part: No closing time to guilt-trip your insomnia.

3. Stumptown HQ

100 SE Salmon St.

Stumptown is as iconic as Portlandia for Portland, and any legitimate Portland caffeine crawl really should include it. Sure, you could snag a free sample of the stuff at any New Seasons (or multiple, since they’re now in every neighborhood). Or, you could make that sample tenfold, AND acquire some pro tips on flavor complexity, by attending a free public tasting at Stumptown’s headquarters.

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From: Stumptown

4. Heart Coffee

537 SW 12th Ave.

Well-known coffee shop serving exceptional coffee made from their own beans, roasted in small batches. The clean and minimal space encapsulates the spare and sleek design of the Scandinavian heritage. A small menu of treats provided by Portland’s Bakeshop is also available.

5. Barista

823 NW 23rd Ave.

A spacious coffee shop located on Northwest 23rd Avenue paying homage to the historical nature of the space they reside, with its classic design and European feel. Barista offers some of the best selections of roasts from around the country.

6. Good Coffee

1150 SE 12th Ave.

A coffee shop that is quickly becoming a favorite amongst locals, gaining a reputation for its clean Scandinavian inspired décor. Like their namesake, you can find really good coffee in their bright and airy space.

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7. Tōv

3207 SE Hawthorne Blvd

Have you ever ordered coffee inside of a bus? Well, now you can at Tōv on Hawthorne Boulevard, and believe me, you’ll want to.

8. Fillmore

7201 NE Glisan St

Coffee and pizza; it might sound like an unlikely pair but it’s one of the most satisfying. You have to go to Fillmore to see for yourself.

9. Common Grounds

4321 S.E. Hawthorne Blvd.

Colorful couches combined with an assortment of table seating and rotating artwork made by locals makes this spot the quintessential Portland coffee house. Common Grounds boasts a 20-year history of providing the perfect specialty coffee shop experience with baristas who greet you like an old friend.

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From: Igor Formiga

10. Posies Bakery & Cafe

8208 N. Denver Ave.

This neighborhood cafe offers a bright atmosphere and a variety of baked comfort goods made in house. The bakery’s well-appointed tables and countertops (made with reclaimed wood) enhance the delightful ambience as does the beautifully maintained original flooring, which has stood the test of time since the early 1900s.

11. Space Monkey

511 S.E. 72nd Ave.

With an eclectic mix of vintage furnishings, a steadfast commitment to serving organic food products, and the carefully curated array of artisan goods, this neighborhood café serves up a strong shot of the Portlandia experience. Grab a newspaper and a salted caramel latte made from locally sourced coffee, and kick back in an inviting armchair.

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