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San Francisco’s Mission style burrito is among its greatest claims to fame. Known nation-wide for the wide range of burrito styles, quality ingredients and traditional methods, San Francisco definitely has a burrito that will blow your mind. Below is our guide to finding the absolute best burrito in town.

1. Senor Sisig

San Francisco natives, Evan Kidera and Gil Payumo, have combined the best of popular Filipino pork delicacy, sisig, and Mexican taqueria dishes to create delicious Asian fusion-style burritos served out of their food truck, Señor Sisig. The Tosilog burrito, only available on Tuesdays and Thursdays, includes Filipino sweet pork, adobo garlic rice, fresh tomatoes, and a fried egg. There are several spots in SoMa and the financial district where the Sisig trucks camp out (most notably right outside the Twitter HQ building). Be prepared for a bit of a wait if you hit it during normal lunch hours.

2. The Little Chihuahua

The Little Chihuahua is an inviting counter-service restaurant with three locations throughout San Francisco. Although the menu features all sorts of Mexican dishes, TLC is known for its specialty burritos. For those feeling experimental, the fried plantain and black bean burrito is a must-try.

3. Sushirrito

This Bay Area chain combines sushi and burritos into a very interesting combination. It’s definitely not the same burrito experience as your family-owned taqueria, but if you’re looking for a completely new combination, Sushirrito is one of the best you can get. Be sure to try Geisha’s Kiss, made with Yellowfin tuna, tamago, Piquillo peppers, tobiko, lotus chips, avocado and soya beans. Locations can be found in the Financial District and SoMa.

4. El Farolito

Know to locals as “El Faro”, this is consistently recommended as the top burrito spot in all of San Francisco. Combining traditional mexican burrito ingredients with late night hours makes for one of the best late-night food options. Expect a line out the door at their Mission street location when the bars start hitting last call.

5. HRD

This is another fusion-style restaurant found in the SoMa district and a very popular lunch spot. Originally serving a traditional American styled breakfast menu, chef David Yeung did a total overhaul of the menu and combined Asian, Latin and American cuisine to create a truly unique burrito experience. The pork kimchee burrito, made with spicy rice, kiwi, daikon, sprouts, cucumber, and sour cream is juicy, crispy, and a must-try. What makes the burritos memorable is HRD’s popular spicy house sauce.

6. Taqueria Los Coyotes

If you’re craving the famous California burrito in the Bay Area, look no further than Los Coyotes. Their California burrito is a favorite — San Diego-style, with steak, sliced avocado, sour cream, and french fries stuffed inside. Easily the best option outside of Santa Barbara and San Diego.

7. Taqueria Guadalajara

If you’re willing to travel to the edge of San Francisco proper, Guadalajara will reward you with a massive burrito packed full of amazing ingredients. A staple of the Excelsior neighborhood, their gigantic nacho plates are also an amazing option that will provide 2-3 meals for the next day.

8. Mission Chinese

Don’t let the name fool you. Mission Chinese came to fruition as an idea to combine traditional Chinese dishes with modern American flavors. The result is a mind-blowing menu that includes some crazy burrito combinations such as their kung-pao pastrami burrito.

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9. La Taqueria

This is it – the golden standard of burritos. Famously ranked as #1 in the nation by Nate Silver of 531, this is one of the most popular and hyped locations in all of San Francisco and for good reason. The burritos are made without rice, distinguishing them from others of its kind in the neighborhood. Two diner favorites are the carne asada and carnitas burritos, filled with beans and delicious house salsa made with fresh tomatoes. Those looking to try something different ask for their burrito dorado style, meaning the tortilla is filled, wrapped, and grilled until the outside is crispy and brown.

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