best foodie spots new york - The Best New York Food Spots For A Foodie Trip

New York really is the city for eating and has got to be one of the only places in the world where every single cuisine is available – whether you are fancy a plate of Mexican Street Food at 9am or a slab of cheesecake at 4am, New York will have you covered. This article is our ultimate guide for a foodie’s trip in New York.

1. Lombardi’s Pizzeria

This is where New York pizza was born. The pizzaiolos of olde New York learned their craft from Mr. Lombardi and his coal oven before they opened their own spots. And the pizzeria recently celebrated its 110-year anniversary.

32 Spring St.; 212-941-7994 or firstpizza.com

2. Bamonte’s

Want to feel like you’re feasting next to the Sopranos? Welp, this is the place. Sit down for a mind-blowing traditional Italian meal at Bamonte’s and you won’t be disappointed.

32 Withers St., Brooklyn; 718-384-8831

3. Red Rooster

This Harlem spot serves traditional American cuisine that won’t be easily forgotten. Be sure to sample their fried chicken and grab a drink at the bar!

310 Lenox Avenue (between 125th and 126th) , Harlem; 212.792.9001

4. Momofuku Noodle Bar

Soothe the soul with some amazing noodle dishes here. Ramen and pork buns are both must-trys. No reservations, but worth the wait.

171 1st Avenue, East Village; (212) 777-7773

5. by CHLOE

Brunch or breakfast, this is a great choice for either. Even if you aren’t vegan, be sure to try their vegan burgers. Many people claim they are better than real-meat counterparts. They also serve up an amazing option of sweet treats for dessert.

185 Bleeker Street, West Village; 212-290-8000

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6. Kobeyaki

Grab-n-go option for sushi and quick bites. It’s not a high-class sit-down restaurants but this spot is amazing for a quick lunch bento box or other sushi options. Not your average corner-store pickings, either.

110 W 40th St, Bryant Park; (212) 391-1600

7. Brooklyn Bagel

One of the most popular breakfast spots and for good reason. Huge Bagels with tons of cream cheese. I have a weird thing about too much cheese, so I had to scrape off at least half of it, but for some, this would be heaven! Just be aware it isn’t even in Brooklyn, it’s in Chealsea!

268 8th Ave, Chealsea; 212-924-2824

8. Cafe Habana

It’s in the east village and is a fusion between Mexican and Cuban food. It’s one of those typical hole in the wall places that doesn’t look like much, but then the food is amazing! Be sure to sample the corn on the cob!

17 Prince St., Lower Manhattan; (212) 625-2001

9. Milk Bar

Cereal & ice cream together? Yes please. This spot serves up some tasty dessert options that mixes up the traditional soft-serve menu. They also have delicious “compost” cookies, birthday cakes and it’s definitely worth a visit.

220 8th Ave, Chelsea; (917) 475-1187

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From: Yelp

10. MatchaBar

Finish your day off with a nice calming tea at MatchaBar. Matcha lovers flock to the single-concept MatchaBar for variations on the Japanese-imported finely ground green tea and a food and dessert menu catered by Watty & Meg.

256 W. 15th St., Chelsea; (212) 627-1058

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